As homeowners, we’re responsible for taking care of all the home’s systems… Electrical wiring, lawn maintenance, the roof and exterior siding, and others. With regular and proper maintenance, our systems will last longer, perform better and reduce the likelihood of major problems. Your home also benefits from knowing how to take good care of your plumbing system. Go Direct Services, your Denver, CO experts in sewer line repair, offer these four tips to keep your plumbing in good condition.

Treat Your Pipes with Care

There are many things that don’t belong in your plumbing system. For instance, “flushable” wipes and kitty litter aren’t really flushable. These can create blockages in your pipes. In addition, don’t use chemical drain cleaners excessively, which can eat away at the pipes themselves. Plus, fumes from chemical drain cleaners cause irritation to your eyes and nasal membranes.

Pay Attention to the Kitchen Sink  

The kitchen is the source of many substances that should not be put into your plumbing system. Make sure to avoid sending coffee grounds, eggshells, cooking grease, fat and oils down your sink. Cooking fats conglomerate around other solids sent through the pipes, leading to nasty blockages that require a professional for removal.

Also, be sure to use your garbage disposal properly. Avoid sticky foods wherever possible, such as peanut butter or pasta. Remember to keep the water running for about 30 seconds after you use the garbage disposal. The extra water washes the ground up food particles down the drain and helps prevent clogs.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Annual preventative maintenance provides an opportunity for your plumber to address issues before they become problems. Regular maintenance helps reduce plumbing repair costs and extend the lifespan of your plumbing system.

It’s never too late to implement practices that protect your plumbing system and keep it in good condition. If you’re worried about waste you previously sent down the drain, the trained professionals at Go Direct can help assess your situation. Give us a call at 303-288-0039.