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Have you receive a notification from City and County of Denver Public Works Wastewater Management informing you that your sewer connection is broken?

Sewer Connection LetterThe City and County of Denver Public Works Wastewater Management conducts inspections of the City’s sanitary sewer lines in Denver. If there is evidence of a broken private sanitary sewer connection, homeowners will receive a notification letter from the Department of Public Works Wastewater Management Division. As a homeowner, you are responsible for obtaining the required permits, and repairing the sewer connection by a licensed professional by a specific deadline stated in your letter. Failure to fix the damage may result in the City issuing a court summons.

Go Direct can help! Our professionals will assess the damage and provide you with a video and repair recommendations. We will take care of obtaining the required permits and repair your line expediently.

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Section 56-102(1) of the Denver Revised Municipal Code. (DRMC) and section 5.04 of the Denver Public Works Rules & Regulations (in part):
“Building sewers shall be maintained by the owner of the property served thereby” and “the maintenance and protection of privately owned piping, including building sewers and fittings, whether located in or upon public or private property, is the exclusive responsibility of the owner thereof.”[/one_third_last]