Main Line Cleaning

Go Direct Sewer Line RepairMany sewer main line back-ups can be caused by grease, soap scum, residue build–up, and tree root growth. We are here for you if you have an emergency or simply doing preventative maintenance.

The following tips can help reduce the risk of having debris build up in a drain and clog it up:

  • Do not dump grease or coffee grounds into the sink. Both of these substances can stick to the sides of the sink pipe. Grease causes food particles to be stuck, and create an even bigger blockage.
  • Clean out sink stoppers often to remove hair before it can cause clogs to form.
  • Do not pour paint thinner or paint down sink or tub drains.
  • If you find that your bathroom sink or shower drain routinely begins to slow due to hair
    build-up, measure the drain size and make it a point to pick up an insert or vinyl sieve at your local home improvement store. That will catch the hair for easy removal and allow you to keep the drain mechanism clear.
Have you received a letter from the City and County of Denver that your sewer connection is broken? Click here.

We offer a wide variety of sewer services for your convenience including:

Sewer inspections and second opinions

Real estate inspections

Sewer line repair

Sewer line replacement

Trenchless repair

Sewer cleaning (clearing clogged drains)

When you work with Go Direct, you get over 50 years of experience, and the latest technology and advances in sewer repair.

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