Denver Sewer Line Services

Go Direct Sewer Line RepairA backed-up or broken sewer system can quickly lead to disaster and be hazardous to your health. Sewer system replacement and repairs require precision, advanced equipment and experience. Go Direct installations and repairs are a specialty trade that does not fall within the normal scope of work for the average “plumber”.

If your home was built before 1980, clay was the most common material used on sewer pipes. Vitreous clay pipes (VCP) often time have issues with tree roots, shifting, cracking or offsetting. In addition, if installed improperly, these pipes can have a low spot called a belly. These issues can cause a sewer line to become clogged and eventually will need to be replaced.

Another material that was used was  Orangeburg pipe, which essentially is a tar paper sewer line (layers of wood pulp and pitched compressed together).

You may be able to have your line cleaned, however if your pipes begin clogging more often, this is a good sign the line needs to be replaced or repaired.

Go Direct can help. Our trained professionals will assess your situation, and discuss with you the best option to provide you with optimal performance.

Have you received a letter from the City and County of Denver that your sewer connection is broken? Click here.

We offer a wide variety of sewer services for your convenience including:

Sewer inspections and second opinions

Real estate inspections

Sewer line repair

Sewer line replacement

Trenchless repair

Sewer cleaning (clearing clogged drains)

When you work with Go Direct, you get over 50 years of experience, and the latest technology and advances in sewer repair.

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