Trenchless sewer repair can minimalize landscape disturbance

What are the benefits of trenchless sewer repair?

No Major Digging Required – Trenchless sewer replacement is performed via small access points. This means that disturbance to your landscape is minimized.

Strong & Seamless Pipe With A 50-Year Lifetime – Sewer line seams and joints can be a point of weakness in sewer lines.  With a seamless high-quality polyethylene pipe, you can eliminate the potential for root intrusion and offsets.

How does it work?

1. Identify the problem by sewer camera – Our technicians will run a camera through your main sewer line.  The technician will then be able to evaluate your needs and recommend the best possible solution for your specific issue.

2. Access the sewer line – Two small holes are dug at either end of the sewer line.  A cable is inserted at one end and fed through. One end of the cable is attached to a pneumatic jack while the other end is attached to a cone shaped bursting head.

3. New pipe inserted in place of the old pipe – The bursting head is attached to a new seamless, polyethylene pipe.  As the bursting head is pulled through the old sewer line, it simultaneously breaks apart the old pipe and pulls behind the new pipe.

Trenchless repair may not be suitable in these situations. Our technicians will be able to identify this when inspecting or locating your line:
Hard or numerous turns (not a common occurrence).
→ Long or deep low spots (also known as “bellies”).

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Watch us work on a Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement.