5 Things you Should Never put Down your Drain 2

5 Things you Should Never put Down your Drain

Have you heard about Fatberg, London’s 130-ton sewer blockage? It is reportedly among the biggest plumbing blockages in history! This rock-solid monolith was made up of sanitary products and cooking fat – two things to never put down your drain. If you have been wondering what is ok – and not ok – to put down your Denver drainage system, this blog post id for you! To avoid a blockage in your own Denver sewer line, here are five things you should never put down your drain.

Flushable Wipes
Unlike toilet paper, which disintegrates when wet, these wipes keep their form. Combine them with other materials in the sewer lines, you create greasy blockages. While they claim to be flushable, these wipes cause massive headaches for Denver sewer systems and water treatment facilities. Always be sure to put wipes and any other sanitary product in the trash.

Coffee Grounds & Eggshells
Coffee grounds and eggshells, even when chewed up by your garbage disposal, stick and form clogs. Throw these away in your trash, or better yet, compost your coffee grounds and eggshells.

Grease, Fats, & Oils
Cooking grease, fats and oils provide the “glue” that causes solid waste (see numbers 1 and 2 above!) to fuse together and create your very own “fatberg.” These include melted fat from meat, bacon, gravy, meat trimmings, cheese, nut butters, cooking oils, salad dressings, and mayonnaise.

How should you get rid of these? Some cooking oils and fats can be reused! (Bacon lovers, check it out) For fats that solidify, pour them into a container, let them solidify, then throw them in the garbage. For liquid fats and grease, pour them into a sealable container and throw them away.

Flushable Cat Litter – It’s not really flushable.
For the same reasons as numbers 1 and 2, “flushable” cat litter clogs drains. As an added negative, cat feces can carry Toxoplasma gondii, which causes toxoplasmosis and is not destroyed during water treatment. Ew.

Many cities do not allow water-based paint into the sewer system. Denver areas can drop off old, unused paint at PaintCare, and many paint and home improvement stores will also take your paint.

If you might have tossed these things down your drain in the past, the trained professionals at Go Direct can check to clear any drain clogs or blockages before they become big problems. Call us to solve—or prevent—your sewer line problems: 303-288-0039.

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