Clogged Sewer Lines

Clogged Sewer Lines Can Lead to Bigger Problems Left Untreated

Go Direct Knows How to handle your clogged sewer lines

In many of Denver’s older homes, clogged sewer lines can be a common problem. You know the signs: sinks that don’t drain, toilets slow to flush, water backup in the basement. Wherever it occurs, it’s a problem you can’t ignore. While many clogs are the result of debris build up or, more likely, invasive tree roots, clogged sewer lines are always an inconvenience. At Go Direct we can diagnose, scope and offer a solution for your clogged sewer line—often in a single visit.

But first, how do clogged sewer lines happen? Clogs occur when something is blocking the inside of a pipe, and materials collect around the blockage. Blockages can be from buildup on the sides of pipe walls, or tree roots breaking into the pipe in search of water and nutrients. Clogs can also develop because of misaligned, deteriorating, or broken pipes that allow materials to collect and block the flow of sewage away from your home. In some cases, if you have a sewer cleanout that’s accessible to the clog, you may be able to get a closer look yourself at the clogged sewer line.

Unfortunately, until the underlying problem is solved, you may continue to have continuing problems with clogged sewer lines. At Go Direct, we use a sewer camera to examine the clogged drain. Because the sewer camera is pushed through your sewer pipes on a sewer snake, we can locate problems all the way out to your main sewer line.

Once we’ve diagnosed the cause of your clogged sewer line, we can recommend the most expedient and cost-effective way to repair it. For clogs caused by tree roots, we can use a sewer snake to solve the problem. If grease or scale has caused the interior of your pipes to narrow, we may recommend sewer jetting to remove the build-up. If there is significant damage causing your clogged sewer line, we have options for sewer line repair or replacement.

Right now, our our site at you’ll find two special offers to help make your clogged sewer line project even easier. Don’t let a clogged sewer line result in expensive damage to your most important asset. And don’t wait until there’s an even bigger problem! Call Go Direct first at  303-287-0889 —we’re here to help 24/7.

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