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Collapsed Sewer Line: Causes and Solutions

There are things you can do before a collapsed sewer line causes you a homeowner headache!

A collapsed sewer line is a problem that must be addressed immediately by professionals who can get your collapsed line repaired and any residual cleaning handled—quickly, cost-efficiently and with a minimum of disruption to your home and routine.

You can count on Go Direct Services to be there when you need us. We offer 24-7 live call answering, and our highly trained professionals have the expertise to address all your service line needs—including a collapsed sewer line.

Collapsed sewer lines are the result of several different factors, and it’s important as a homeowner to understand why sewer lines collapse and how to be proactive if you identify a risk factor or begin having drainage issues.

First, in many of our beautiful Denver neighborhoods, the established homes have older pipes and/or mature landscaping. One of the primary reasons for a collapsed sewer line is tree root incursion. When older, mature tree roots extend deep into the ground, they naturally make their way towards sources of water—including your sewer line. As the tree roots grow into your sewer line and eventually break through pipe joints, the resulting stress can create misalignments in the pipe walls that allow water leakages. Left undetected or repaired, a sewer line collapse is often the result.

Pipe misalignments created from soil settling and other types of erosion also can create leaks severe enough to result in a sewer line collapse. Over time, misaligned pipes allow wastewater to leak into the soil, creating erosion that often leads to a collapsed sewer line. Finally, some collapsed sewer lines are simply the result of the breakdown of the original pipe material used. Today’s pipes are constructed to avoid many of these problems altogether.

If you suspect you have a collapsed sewer line, call Go Direct Services immediately. We’ll have an expert team on-site promptly to diagnose the problem, determine the best solution, review your options, and tell you if your collapsed sewer line can be repaired using trenchless sewer line repair, a less invasive solution that also has the benefit of being gentle on mature landscapes.

In addition to our A+ ranking from the BBB, Go Direct offers free second opinions, in-house financing, and an industry standard warranty. Don’t let a collapsed sewer line spell disaster for your home. Visit today to learn more and find two special limited time offers on our homepage designed to help you stay on top of your service lines while protecting your most important investment for years to come. Call us at 303.288.0039 to set up an appointment.

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