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Go Direct Knows About Scoping Drain Lines in Denver

Scoping drain lines is one of our specialties—good news for your Denver home!

Denver is known for its beautiful and diverse neighborhoods with mature landscaping and sloping yards. And like the rest of the country, the majority of single family homes in Denver were built before 1990. Older homes offer many charms, but they also may require more maintenance. That’s especially true when it comes to sewer and water lines. Scoping your drain lines can head off problems, identify a problem, and tell us exactly where any repairs need to be made in your branch or main lines.

Scoping drain lines is an important residential service at Go Direct. We routinely scope drain lines to help diagnose problems and, more importantly, come up with cost-effective solutions. Scoping your drain lines is an an essential part of keeping your home running efficiently. Whether you’re dealing with a clog, water pressure changes, slow drainage, or another issue, scoping drain lines is an excellent starting point. performing routine maintenance, or getting ready to sell your older home. Go Direct believes that scoping drain lines is an excellent way to stay ahead of problems that can arise from a variety of sources.

At Go Direct, we scope your drain line using a sewer line video camera or sewer scope. The scope is comprised of a high-quality sewer line camera that fits at the tip of a flexible rod that can be manually pushed by your Go Direct technician to see exactly what’s going on in your home’s underground sewer and water lines. As the scope is inserted into the pipe, video images are transmitted to the technician. Together, you can then review the scoping drain lines video and determine a course of action.

Visit us at to take advantage of our $79 residential scope and clean service offer. You’ll find complete details on our home page. Just mention the offer to your technician after you’ve scheduled your scoping drain lines appointment.

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