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At Go direct, we understand our Littleton customers need their problems solved quickly: that’s why we have a representative available 24/7 to take your calls.
When Littleton homeowners experience backups, unpleasant sells, slow drains or clogs, they often try to fix things on their own first. Homeowners try plungers, drains cleaners, or the type of snake available in hardware stores to clear blockages without knowing the root cause of the problem. That can be a waste of time and money; instead, call Go Direct for your Littleton sewer scope.
Littleton Sewer scopeTo diagnose hidden sewer problems at your Littleton home, GO Direct starts with a video inspection using a sewer camera pushed through your pipes on a sewer snake. Depending on where the backup occurs, we will run the sewer camera down branch lines (from sinks, showers, or bathtubs to the main line) or down the house’s main sewer inline that leads out to the street where the line connects with the municipal sewer line.
Once we view your sewer lines with the Littleton sewer scope, we can pinpoint whether the sewer backup is being caused by tree roots, clogs, scale, cracks, debris, slope issues, bellies, sewer channels or misaligned, broken, puncture, off-grade or corroded pipes. That sounds like a lot of potential problems, but Go Direct specializes in Littleton sewer scope and fast solutions.
If the Littleton sewer scope camera finds a clog and can push through the obstruction, it will continue out though the main sewer line to see if there are additional problem areas the sewer snake can solve, then grab the clogs and pull them out. If the Littleton sewer scope camera finds buildup and debris that is beyond what a scope and snake can handle, we can use sewer jetting to clear the problem.
If significant damage is found in the sewer line through your Littleton sewer scope, technicians can use the transmitter on the sewer camera to prepare for excavation. Our technician stops the camera at the damaged area, then goes outside and waves a locating device until it picks up the transmitter’s signal. The area is then marked so we know exactly where to dig to replace the sewer line and solve the problem.
If your home needs an Littleton sewer scope, call us anytime day or night at 303.288.0039 to schedule an appointment and take care of the problem with one of our expert, cost-effective solutions. Visit to learn more and look for our Scope and Clean Special.
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