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There’s nothing worse than heading down to the basement, only to discover the basement is flooded. Not all leaky pipes are that obvious, and panic can set in when you can’t find the source of the leak. Go Direct takes Denver leak repair seriously. We know that even a small water pipe leak can cause serious damage over time and are here to take your call at 303.288.0039.

As soon as you notice a water leak or a burst pipe, we recommend you shut off your main water valve or the valve nearest the leak right away. If you aren’t sure how to do that, our staff can help. We will dispatch technicians to handle the leak repair in your metro Denver area home as soon as possible.

How do you know you have a water leak if you can’t see it? Do you have low water pressure and high water bills? Does any part of your house feel humid or smell moldy? Did an arctic blast hit the Denver area? Denver’s wildly fluctuating winter temperatures can cause pipes to leak or burst as pipes freeze and thaw. Something as simple as leaving a garden hose connected to your home during freezing weather can cause an interior pipe to leak or burst.

Our leak repair specialists are able to find leaky, cracked, or ruptured pipes outside using water leak detection equipment. We understand plumbing systems and underground structural issues that may require leak repairs. Go Direct has experienced leak repair technicians ready to repair or replace your water lines.

Direct Tip:

During extremely cold weather, leave water dripping from a faucet so that water continues to move inside the pipe instead of freezing. You can also wrap pipes with insulation in unheated areas or along outside walls of your Denver home.

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