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Trees add natural beauty to your metro Denver home. Trees absorb pollutants, provide shade, and add oxygen to the air. While the above ground benefits of deciduous and evergreen trees are numerous, tree roots below ground can cause problems. Your first sign may be far from beautiful – backed-up sewage in the sink, tub, or around drains.

Denver’s dry climate means trees are constantly looking for water sources. Watering restrictions add even more stress on trees during summer months. Tree roots are attracted to sewer lines because they carry moisture and nutrients. Roots break through the pipes to reach the moisture and nutrients, leading to roots in the sewer line. As roots grow inside the sewer line, clogs form from hair, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, grease, and other debris.

Roots in the sewer line can be confirmed with a video inspection. Go Direct will run a video camera on a snake through your pipes to locate problem areas. We can remove roots in the sewer line with a sewer snake. Because roots in your sewer line will grow back, this can be a recurring issue. You should have Go Direct inspect your sewer lines on a regular basis, and remove new roots them as needed.

If we see build up and debris inside the sewer line, in addition to tree roots, we will recommend hydro-jetting, A high-pressure water jet forces water through the sewer line to clear out build up, debris, clogs, and tree roots.

Snaking and sewer jetting may not be the best options. Vitreous clay pipes (VCP) pipes and Orangeburg pipes are susceptible to cracks and breaks from tree roots. When Go Direct finds VCP, Orangeburg, or other types of pipes with extensive damage during the video inspection, we will recommend either sewer line repair or sewer line replacement. We replace your old pipes with more durable materials, eliminating future problems with tree roots.

Direct Tip:

Watering your trees during dry weather does more than keep your trees healthy. It can keep tree roots from breaking through your sewer lines. Remember to water your trees throughout the year, not just during summer months. For more tips, visit Denver Water.

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