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You probably smell it before you see the backed-up sewage in the sink, tub, floors, or around drains. That stench is unmistakable. You need sewer line cleaning in your metro Denver area home and you need it NOW.

Go Direct has representatives ready to answer calls from metro area customers at 303.288.0039. Our Denver sewer line cleaning specialists can diagnose the problem on the spot and will have the equipment with them to fix the problem.

Because the source of the sewage problem is typically hidden from view, we start by taking a look with a video camera. The video camera is on a snake that is pushed through the sewer line to find clogs or damage to the sewer lines. We’ll let you know whether you need a sewer line cleaning, sewer repair, or sewer line replacement.

If the solution is a sewer line cleaning, we will recommend one of these options and take care of it immediately.

– Snake: A sewer snake, also called a drain auger, is a long cable that is flexible enough to go down the drain and around any bends in the pipes. The snake is used to clear the blockage and pull out the clogged material, restoring the flow of sewage away from your house and into the municipal sewer system.

– Hydrojetting: Hydrojetting cleans your drains thoroughly, rather than just pulling out clogged material. The hydrojet (a high-pressured water jet, similar to a pressure washer) forces water through the sewer line to clear out clogs, break up tree roots, and remove grease or hard debris built up inside sewer line walls that block the sewer pipe.

If your home does not have sewer cleanouts, we may recommend installing them. A sewer cleanout is a pipe with a cap that provides access to the line,  making a sewer line cleaning easier and removes blockages.

Why do you need a Denver sewer line cleaning in your home?

– Tree roots. Sewer pipes carry moisture and nutrients that attract tree roots, causing roots to break through the pipes to reach them. Large roots can block off part of the sewer line, leading to a clog that needs to be removed.

– Sediment build-up. Water often carries minerals and sediment with it, which can build up inside the pipe, narrowing it and obstructing water flow.

– Human error. Be careful what you pour down the drain and flush down the toilet. Flushing paper towels, feminine hygiene products, facial tissues, and kids toys can clog sewer lines. Hair, coffee grounds, grease, and other items that go down the drain can also create clogs.

Direct Tip:

Never throw left over prescription or over-the-counter medication down the drain because it contaminates our water supply. The Colorado Household Medication Take-Back Program offers FREE drop-off locations around the state.

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