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Trenchless Sewer Repair

Sewer Line Repair Without the Mess

As the name implies, trenchless sewer line repairs do not require a trench to be dug. Trenchless sewer line repairs are performed through access points at both ends of the section of sewer line to be repaired, so damage to your landscape is minimal. Trenchless repairs save time, money and disruption.

Responsibility for Sewer Line Repairs in the City Of Denver

Homeowners sometimes wonder whether they are responsible for residential sewer repair Denver. Most municipalities, including the City and County of Denver, are only responsible for main public sewers. Homeowners are responsible for the rest. Even if the sewer line runs into the public right of way, the city is not liable.

Why Would My Sewer Line Need a Repair?

Most sewer repairs are caused by factors that cannot be controlled

Sewer lines can be damaged by tree roots, shifting soil, temperature changes, corrosion, deterioration of materials, or other factors. If your metro Denver area home requires a sewer repair, don’t worry. Even if you have older sewer pipes, we may be able to repair rather than replace them. Our experienced sewer and drain specialists assess the situation, and have the equipment to finish the home sewer repair Denver quickly and cost-effectively. The solution we recommend depends on where the sewer line needs to be repaired. There are two options for residential sewer repair Denver – traditional and trenchless sewer repair. Traditional repair involves using a backhoe to dig up grass, flowerbeds, driveways or patios to get to the sewer line. Once the sewer line is uncovered, it can be repaired. Should the use of a backhoe be needed to break through your driveway or patio to get to your sewer lines, our sister company, Stone and Concrete, can make your property look as good as new. Trenchless sewer repair allows our sewer specialists to repair your sewer line without using the backhoe, leaving minimal trace of the sewer repair above ground. Trenchless sewer repairs can save a significant amount of time and money compared to traditional sewer repairs. To determine whether your metro Denver area home needs a sewer line repair, Go Direct uses a sewer camera to inspect and identify the type and location of problem areas. Many metro Denver area homes have expansive soils, and the expanding and contracting soils can cause broken pipes and sewer lines, among other things. During the video inspection, we look for cracks in the sewer line, deterioration of materials, corrosion, offset joints, and other issues. If the sewer line can be repaired, we will recommend either traditional or trenchless sewer line repair. For more extensive damage, we will recommend sewer line replacement.

Traditional Sewer Line Repair

A time tested solution to sewer line problems

Traditional sewer line repair involves digging a large trench in order to access the sewer line. It may be necessary to access several parts of the sewer line located under your landscaping, driveway, patio, or sidewalk. Go Direct’s sewer line repair crews have all the necessary equipment and sewer service vehicles to get the job done. Our crews are experienced using our backhoes and other equipment to minimize damage while digging trenches to reach sewer lines. The traditional option can cost more and may take more time than trenchless sewer line repairs, but is necessary if there are long, deep low spots, also called bellies, or numerous turns in the sewer lines around your metro Denver area home. We will get any permits required for the work. Once the sewer line repair is finished, landscaping may need to be replaced. If your driveway, patios, or sidewalks need to be repaired, our sister company, Stone & Concrete, is available to help.

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