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Go Direct is your go-to source for repair and water line replacement in Denver. Minor water leaks can turn into huge problems if left alone. Living without running water is a problem Denver area homeowners and their families want to avoid.
What are the signs you might need a water line replacement? Low water pressure. Unexpectedly high water bills. A marshy area or sinkhole in your yard.
Most Denver area homes connect to a municipal water supply through a water line that enters the home in a crawlspace, basement wall, or concrete slab. Damage to the water lines can be from rust, corrosion, tree roots, expansive soils, freezing temperatures, etc.
If your pipes are made of lead or we find significant damage to your pipes, we will recommend replacement. Go Direct’s water line replacement Denver professionals know the material and methods required for your municipality, and will obtain permits for your project.


Most Front Range municipalities, including the City and County of Denver, require durable copper piping, but a few require plastic or composite materials to combat corrosion.


Go Direct offers financing for these unexpected expenses. In addition, our subsidiary, Stone & Concrete, is fully equipped to repair any concrete or asphalt once the job is done, if needed.

Direct Tip:

If you live in an older metro Denver home, your water lines could be made of lead, which is potentially dangerous to your family’s health. To see if there is lead in your home’s plumbing or water lines, Denver Water customers can request a water quality test for free.

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