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    The Signs You Need To Hire A Sewer Company

    Sewage Line Leak

    Are there puddles in your yard? Do you have some form of sinking? Is there a Strong foul odor? More often this is a sign a Sewage pipe has fully burst.

    When your Sewer Line has a large leak, it is important to have this looked at as this will bec0me a health hazard very quickly.

    Why Does Sewer Piping Burst?

    Most pipes will burst without warning. Freezing and thawing over time weakening the pipe is one of the most common causes.

    Tree roots Are a Sewer Lines Worst Enemy! These Roots can grow into underground pipes and cause small cracks that grow over time. One of the most unexpected is shifting dirt, yes, I said it the dirt shifts! These shifts cause your line to bend causing a belly Over time the belly will burst and become a major problem.

    The Signs Of A Sewer Line Problem

    Sewage Backup

    Are you finding yourself having to use the lounger more than often? Is it no longer doing the job? If you said yes to these problems, you are in the process of having Sewer Issues Whether these are major or minimal would need to be assessed.

    Foul Odors

    If you smell a pungent nasty odor this is a clear sign something is wrong. A Sewer Line System is Built to Keep smells out of your home , this is a clear sign Something is Wrong.


    Mold Indicates some form of moisture being trapped. Unfortunately Sewage and mold are best friends mold will find an environment that has minimal sewage & thrive.

    Strange Sounds

    Are you hearing strange noises when water is not running? you may have a leak causing an unpleasant drip. More than likely it isn’t Casper but a leaky Sewer Pipe.

    Moist Floors

    Are your Floors becoming Spongy and a hazard? If So there may be pooled Sewage Underneath your floors. We have seen these situations turn ugly very quickly.

    Foundation Cracks

    Cracks in your home’s foundation can result from shifting Soil caused by dripping sewer Pipes. As these drips become pools in areas around leaks, it saturates soil and undermines your foundation’s structural integrity. Sewer leaks also buckle concrete sidewalks, driveways, and patios.

    Pools of Wastewater

    Do you have an unexplained pool outside your home? We recommend not touching it but rather calling a professional Sewer Company to help you assess what’s going on.

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