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Sewer Jetting Denver gets to the root of your problem—and the solution—in one service call

When it comes to caring for your sewer and water lines, Go Direct is still the smart, cost-effective choice for our older Denver neighborhoods. Our expert, friendly, cost-effective service has been providing peace of mind to homeowners throughout the Denver metro area for years. But when routine maintenance with a scope and clean using a sewer snake is not enough, Go Direct is your trusted expert in sewer jetting Denver too.

The fact is, sometimes a sewer snake is not enough to get the job done—that’s where sewer jetting Denver can provide answers and solutions. Because most sewer line problems are hidden from view, we first diagnose with a sewer camera to inspect your branch and main lines. If the inspection shows excessive buildup and debris inside your sewer lines beyond what a routine cleaning can effectively handle, Go Direct recommends sewer jetting Denver.

Sewer jetting, also known as high-pressure or hydro-jetting, cleans your pipes using high-pressure streams of water—up to 3000 PSI if needed—to remove buildup and debris in tanks and sewer lines. Sewer jetting Denver scours internal pipe surfaces to remove buildup that can cause clogging. As the high-pressure water washes the sides of drain walls, flow increases because the lines are freed of the grease, soap scum, sand, debris, sludge, roots and other materials that built up inside pipes.

Your Go Direct technician always selects the best sewer jetting head and pressure for your situation. Our technicians can use sewer cleanouts, drains, or other openings for sewer jetting Denver.
Importantly, sewer jetting is environmentally safe, which matters to metro Denver homeowners. Because sewer jetting does such a thorough job of removing buildup and debris from your sewer lines, clogs and blockages are less likely to happen.

If you experience frequent backups, Go Direct recommends a preventative maintenance schedule to stop problems before they escalate. Routine sewer inspections followed by cleaning with a sewer snake or sewer jetting Denver can extend the life of your pipes. It’s all part of the complete and specialized services Go Direct offers to keep you enjoying your home for years to come.

To learn more or to schedule a service call, contact us 24/7 at 303.288.0039 or visit And don’t forget, we offer a $79 Scope and Clean special to get your home ready for colder days.

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