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    Having Issues with Backups?

    Solve all of your worries with a Sewer Scope & Drain Clean for only $79 Today! Are you Dealing with a Clogged Toilet? Having backups or leaks? Claim Our Special offer of a Sewer Scope & Drain clean for only $79 direct to you. Many companies will charge you one fee for the Sewer Scope inspection then a separate fee for the Drain clean. Go Direct Is Your Go to specialist for all Of your Sewer Service Needs. Inspections of your Sewer Line are integral for assessing the condition of your sewer system to determine whether you require a Repair or just a simple Drain Clean.

    Sewer Scope Explained

    You may be wondering what Is a Sewer Scope?  Putting it simply it is a specialized sewer snake that will travel down to your Sewer Drain while at the same time taking a live video, it will show the current condition of your Sewer Line may be.

    Sewer Bellies in simple terms this is a sag or low spot in your Sewer Line. What does a Low Spot in my Sewer Line Mean for me you may ask? In simple terms A Sewer Line Functions in A lateral format meaning Sewage flows with gravity, if there is a Belly it can cause your Sewer line to continuously collect waste sediment which may eventually collapse your line .

    When Is a Sewer Belly Caused? Some causes can include, an earthquake, sun damage, heat, rain or cold weather changes just to name a few. The one cause we see most often for Sewer Belly’s is improperly installing a sewer line. For one using the wrong type of bedding for a Sewer Line Repair can have the difference between longevity & having to redo a repair within a year. Tree Roots in a sewer Line can cause severe problems from clogs to a line breakage.

    Breaks in your sewer System can cause issues with cities and counties, not to mention a major health and legal concern. Raw Sewage leaking into your yard can be a serious issue, or worse a leak or sewage into your home can cause some major health concerns. If you are In need of a Sewer Replacement Estimate it is important to have a company with high ethic’s. Below is a list of things that should always be kept in mind when being given a Sewer Scope Video.

    Sewer Inspection Guide

    1. Is this Sewer Scope a video from my home? Does this Sewer Scope show anything that relates to my homes Sewer Line?
    2. Have the company explain your diagnosis in detail, where is my break? From the Type of Break To, is my Sewer Line Compromised?
    3. Request a copy of the video in case you have questions
    4. Don’t Fall for Gimmicks like a certified sewer inspection tech, what this really means is this person is highly underqualified to give you an estimate, all home projects should have an estimator not a Sewer inspector.
    5. Ask questions! whenever you are having a Sewer Scope Done always ask Questions a qualifies estimator can answer them versus a underqualified individual.



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