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Signs That You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

Your plumbing system is essential to your Denver home. To preserve both your comfort and the condition of your home, you need a well-functioning drain system. Unfortunately, over time, drain systems can get backed up for all sorts of reasons. In these cases, professional drain cleaning services will help you get your drains back on track. 

Identifying a possible clog in your drains is the first step in taking care of your home’s plumbing system. Here, we’ll cover the main indicators that you need a professional drain cleaning. Always look out for these signs to ensure that your Denver home’s plumbing system remains in top condition. 

Standing Water

Whether in your shower, sink, or washing machine, standing water is never a good sign. If water accumulates in these areas and never drains, it’s a sign that you have a serious drainage issue. Professional drain cleaning is the best, fastest way to get standing water to drain. If you have this issue, contact your Denver drainage professionals to stop bacteria and mold growth before it starts. 

Slow Draining

If water isn’t sitting in your sink, shower, etc. but is draining far slower than usual, you have a drain clog on your hands. This issue typically gets worse over time, with water draining slower and slower until it stops draining altogether. Slow draining is inconvenient, making it more difficult to wash dishes, wash your hands, and bathe normally. So, as soon as you notice this issue, schedule a professional drain cleaning to take care of it. 

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are annoying. You’ll typically find fruit flies in the kitchen, commonly around the fruit bowl or the trash can, given that they’re attracted to food. But, if you have a blocked drain in your kitchen, you may notice fruit flies appearing at a rapid pace. In this case, the flies are likely attracted to a buildup of food in your drains. While fruit flies won’t do any immediate harm, the drain blockage could lead to mold growth and even damage your plumbing. 

Strange Sounds

Are your drains making unusual noises? If you hear bubbling or gurgling noises, it’s a sign that your pipes may be clogged. When debris builds up in your pipes, it’ll force water to move through confined spaces or even change direction. This causes odd noises to emit from your pipes whenever water flows through them, such as when you use the sink or flush the toilet. Pay attention to these sounds and ask a drainage specialist about it. 


One of the most undesirable signs of a drain clog is odor. The buildup of sewage, food, and debris in your drains can start to smell bad, causing a stench to permeate your home. This occurs as the buildup rots and decays over time. If you have a drain clog while temperatures are high outside, the problem will be exacerbated and the odor from your drains will be stronger. Thankfully, you can get rid of the odor quickly simply by scheduling a professional drain cleaning. The professionals will unblock your pipes and get rid of the debris that’s creating the stench.

What These Signs Mean

If you’re experiencing any of the signs listed above, it means that your pipes are either clogged or on their way to becoming clogged. Clogged pipes are undeniably inconvenient, especially when it comes to using the bathtub, washing dishes, and even washing your hands in the sink. But, more than that, pipe clogs are unsanitary. 

Buildup of food, grease, hair, and other debris causes blocked drains. This debris can force dirty water to sit in your pipes, eventually leading to bacteria and mold growth. Over time, you or other members of your household may experience allergic reactions to the mold, posing a significant health risk. 

Don’t let a blocked drain affect the wellbeing of your household. Call up your Denver drainage specialists for a comprehensive drain cleaning. You can trust the team at Go Direct Plumbing to do a thorough job of cleaning your drains. Our specialists will fully eradicate the clog in your drains to protect both your home and your health!

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