Steps To Take After Your Water Line Bursts 2

Steps To Take After Your Water Line Bursts

A burst pipe: it’s a plumbing issue that no Denver homeowner will ever want to deal with. Unfortunately, burst pipes are common and need immediate attention. To keep the damage to a minimum and protect your home, you need to act quickly and efficiently after a pipe burst. Before all else, remember to keep calm and call your Denver water line repair experts.

Once the plumbers are on the way, there are a handful of tasks that you can complete to prevent further damage from the burst water line. We’ve listed these steps below, along with more information about water line repairs. 

Step 1: Turn Off The Water.

The very first step that you should take after a pipe bursts in your home is to turn off the water. This will help contain the leak and stop more water from flooding your home (if the burst pipe has led to flooding, be sure to shut off your home’s electricity for safety, too).

To fully turn off your water supply, you’ll need to find the water shut-off valve, which is usually located in the basement and/or near your water heater. Some shut-off valves are located outside – look for a metal lid near the street in your yard. 

Step 2: Release Water From The System.

To get all of the cold water out of your home’s plumbing system, open the faucets. You’ll also need to flush the toilets in your home a few times. Then, shut off your heating system so that you can remove all of the water from the hot taps. This step will prevent excess water from freezing in the burst pipe. 

Step 3: Locate The Burst Pipe.

Once all of the water has been drained from your pipes, find the broken pipe. To do this, you’ll need to carefully look through each room in your home. Look for signs of water damage to locate the burst pipe. Stained walls and bubbled ceilings are two of the main signs of a burst pipe. If water is leaking from the burst pipe, place a bucket underneath it to keep the water from damaging your flooring. 

Step 4: Direct Warm Air Towards The Burst Pipe.

For pipes that burst due to low temperatures, direct warm air towards the pipe. This will help prevent further breakage. 

Step 5: Document The Damage. 

Before the pipe repair specialists arrive, be sure to take pictures of the damage, as well as detailed notes. This documentation will be very helpful when it comes time to submit a claim to your home insurance company for the damage. But, be sure to only start documenting the damage once you’ve contained the leak – protecting your home against further water damage should be the top priority. 

Tips For Preventing Burst Water Pipes

Now that you know what to do in the case of a burst pipe, let’s talk about the most effective ways to keep your water pipes from bursting in the first place. Plumbing damage prevention will save you money in repairs costs while keeping your Denver home in optimal condition. 

Open Cabinet Doors

When temperatures are low, keep the cabinet doors open to allow warm air to move into them. This will improve the flow of warm air to your kitchen plumbing and prevent freezing. 

Run Water Faucets in Extreme Cold

Here in Colorado, we occasionally experience extremely low temperatures in the winter. In these instances, keep a few of the faucets in your home running at a slow speed. This will ensure that water continues to run through your pipes, preventing freezing. 

Pay Attention To Loud Pipes

Water hammer occurs when your pipes make a banging noise when you switch on the water in your home. This issue indicated pipe damage and needs immediate attention. So, contact your Denver plumbing experts as soon as you hear a strange noise coming from your pipes. By catching the issue early on, you can likely prevent a full-blown burst pipe. 

Consider Heat Tape 

Heat tape can help keep pipes warm in the winter and can be easily installed. To ensure that you get the best possible results from your heat tape, contact Go Direct Plumbing for installation.

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