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What to Do if You Have Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line

Tree roots, while slow growing, can cause quite a bit of damage to your sewer line. Once breached, roots will grow and follow the water, leading to even further infiltration of your sewer line. Homes built before 1980 most likely have clay pipes, which commonly experience problems with tree roots.

How can you start addressing the problem? Here’s what to do if you have roots in your sewer line:

Scope the Line
The first thing to do is to see the extent of the tree root infiltration. To do this you will first want to scope your sewer line. Once we know the condition of the sewer line, we can develop an effective solution.

De-Root the Sewer Line
Tree roots can be removed from within the sewer line by using a power auger run through the pipe, provided that the pipe is made of cast iron, plastic, or clay tile. Chemical treatments, such as the foaming agent RootX, can also be poured into the sewer line through your toilet to slow down future root growth. Roots can grow back quickly, however. Removing tree roots from the inside of the sewer line is only a temporary solution.

Remove Tree Roots from Outside the Line
To get the maximum longevity from your sewer line, you may need to dig up and remove invasive tree roots. If you plan to do any digging, remember to first call 811 to ensure you don’t hit any utilities in the area.

Replace the Sewer Line
If the damage wrought by the tree roots is significant, and your existing sewer line was already in poor condition, we may recommend a full replacement. This doesn’t mean we have to dig everything up, however. Our Trenchless Repair requires no digging!

The trained professionals at Go Direct can help assess your situation and develop a plan for the repairs. Call us to solve your sewer line problems: 303-288-0039.

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