When is a Sewer Line Replacement Necessary? 2

When is a Sewer Line Replacement Necessary?

Unfortunately, sewer line damage is inevitable for Denver homeowners. Even with impeccable care, your sewer line will eventually need repairs or, if the damage is severe, a complete replacement. Whether due to age, Mother Nature, or accidental misuse, sewer line problems will affect all of us at some point. 

If you’re a Denver homeowner, it’s helpful to understand the problems that you may encounter with your sewer line. Specifically, understanding the scenarios that call for a complete sewer line replacement can help you efficiently manage any major sewer issue that comes your way. 

Here, we’ll cover the instances in which a sewer line replacement is required to preserve the condition of a Denver sewer system. 

How Long Do Sewer Lines Last?

The lifespan of your sewer line will depend on your home, the environment, and any sudden accidents that occur, such as a child flushing something they shouldn’t down the toilet. But, if your sewer line lasts for the entire duration of its lifespan, this is how long you can expect to wait before it requires a replacement, by material:


  • PVC sewer pipes are the longest lasting and are predicted to withstand 100 years of use before needing replacement. 
  • Cast iron sewer pipes can last between 75 and 100 years. 
  • Older homes may have clay sewer pipes installed, which can last from 50 to 60 years. Clay pipes aren’t installed in homes anymore because better material options are available. 

Issues That Merit Sewer Line Replacement

Tree Root Problems

Tree roots can cause serious pipeline damage. As tree roots grow, they’ll be drawn to your sewer lines due to the organic material and water running within them. If tree roots fully overtake your sewer line, you’ll likely need a full replacement. This is because the roots may cause the pipes to contaminate the soil with wastewater. 

Even Denver homeowners who don’t have trees directly on their property may suffer from sewer line damage due to tree roots. When it comes to big and/or old trees, the roots can reach out a far distance away from where the tree itself is situated. 

Frequent Pipe Clogs

If your home’s sewer system continues to clog, time after time, it may be a sign that it’s time for a sewer line replacement. This doesn’t go for regular clogs, which are common and to be expected. Your sink, bathtub, or toilet may clog every so often due to a buildup of hair, debris, paper towels, etc. But, if your pipes continue to clog and you’ve ruled out a blockage, it’s a sign that your sewer line is simply in for a replacement. 

Malfunctioning Water Fixtures

When a sewer line is in need of a replacement, homeowners may notice pooling water in the basement drains, as well as consistently backed up sinks and toilets. If you notice these signs, your main sewer line may be clogged and require replacement. Multiple water fixtures backing up on the same floor of your home is a big indicator that your sewer line is having serious issues. 

Sewer Line Burst

A burst sewer line is one of the main scenarios that will require a sewer line replacement. A sewer line may burst as a result of shifts in the soil on your property, the soil settling, additional pressure coming from above ground (i.e. construction equipment), or corrosion of the sewer pipes. Once the pipes rupture, you’ll need to call in your Denver sewer line replacement experts to take care of the damage. The professionals can get your home’s sewer system back up and running as quickly as possible with reliable replacement services. 

Old Age

Simple old age is a key cause of sewer line failure. As we discussed above, sewer lines just don’t last forever, and the time will come when it reaches the end of its lifespan. Sewer line pipes that are past their expiration date present a risk of damage to your entire home. So, you’ll benefit from taking care of your expired sewer line as quickly as possible. Once you have it replaced, you can feel good knowing that the strength of your home’s sewer system has been restored. 


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