Denver Water Line Repair with Go Direct Services

Go Direct Water Line RepairEvery house has a water supply line that runs underground from the street to the home through a crawlspace, basement wall or concrete slab. If you have a leak, high water bills and/or loss of water pressure, you may be in need of immediate water line repair or replacement.

Go Direct professionals can replace or repair your pipe. Our goal is an installation that creates minimal disruption to your yard.

In addition, our subsidiary, Stone & Concrete, is fully equipped to repair any concrete or asphalt once the job is done, if needed.

Homes built on or before 1960

If you have an older home, your water line was likely installed with lead or galvanized steel pipe. Wear and damage is very common due to ground shifting, tree roots and material decay. Rust is another issue that can cause water leaks that need to be repaired.

Lead lines can decay and particles of the corroded lead can contaminate your tap water. With galvanized steel pipes, holes and cracks can appear and result in leaks or ruptures that require replacement.

Repairs or replacements will be made with copper piping as per municipality standards. Go Direct professionals will be able to review your situation and provide the appropriate recommendation for your situation.

For more information about your responsibilities, and compliance visit Denver Water.

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