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Covid-19 Precautions While Repairing Sewer Lines & Water Lines

Due To the Infectious nature of this Virus We are taking Continued Steps To Adhere to All CDC Guidelines In Order to Keep You & Your Family Safe.  During Our Sewer Line Repair process we will Take all Appropriate Measure Such as Wearing Appropriate PPE & Using Enhanced Social Distancing As well as Temperature checks When Leaving& Arriving to our Yard

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Excavation Or Trenchless Sewer Line & Water Line Services

Go Direct Plumbing Sewer And Water Services Specialty Is Different Than your Average Plumbing Company , We Specialize In Under Ground Sewer Lines & Water Lines. We Fix Lines That Are Connected to the city Main Line Either Feeding Into Your Home Or out of it.

One Of Our Estimators Will help you determine if you need A Full Sewer Line Replacement or Simply A sectional Sewer Line Repair. We will also Help Determine if You are an Ideal Candidate for Trenchless Sewer Repair  Or IF A Traditional Excavation Method IS Required. Our Service Begins With A Sewer Inspection to Help Identify The culprit of the issues you are having , this could be Roots Piecing the Joints Of your Sewer Line or it could be a belly caused by shifted soil. We will Find you A solution Whether this is a Simple Drain clean Or A Full Repair Go Direct Will Get you taken Care Of.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Line Repair

When We Find Only A Small Portion of Your Sewer Line Needs To be Replaced we will Recommend Only Repairing this portion in order to make our Service the Most Cost Effective For You. We Will not Upsell You We Believe In Fixing A Problem The Simple Way.


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Sewer Line Replacement

If We Find that The Integrity Of Your Sewer Line Is Compromised We Will Recommend A Full Sewer Line Replacement.  During The Repair Process We Will Work With Local Municipalities to Ensure All Regulations are Being Adhered to When Connection Your Line To The City's Main Tap.

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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

In An Ideal Situation We Can Replace your Sewer Line Without Disturbing your Landscape By using one Of Our Lining Methods. Whether it Be C.I.P.P Lining OR Pipe Bursting We Will Find A Way To Rplace Your Sewer Line Without Digging up your Yard , Aslong As Local Regulations Allow this.

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Performing Sewer Line Replacements For Over 25+ Years

Go Direct Plumbing Sewer & Water Handles Multiple Aspects OF Sewer Line Work, With A Variety of Solutions For Every unique situation. Every City has a Unique Set of Standards , Some City's Will Allow certain types of Repairs while Others will not. Some City's Will Allow A Sewer Line To Have A C.I.P.P Liner to be shot down it while others will not. Each City Has There Own Set Of Regulation when it Comes To Repairs At City Taps , A Repair in the city of Denver can be very different from a Repair within the city of aurora or castle rock. Let A Sewer Line Specialist Guide you on your project.

Trenchless Sewer Line

CIPP Pipe Lining

Depending on The Location Of Your Sewer Line You may Be A Candidate For A CIPP Liner Repair , In Cities Such As Aurora, Littleton , Englewood & Many More. When It Comes To Denver three are strict regulations On CIPP liner Which Will Require Determination by the city if they will or wont Allow CIPP Line Repair

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Sewer Tap

Sewer Tap Repairs

There are Situations where due to Soil Movement Your Sewer Line HAs Become Damaged at the City tap but the rest is in great condition. During these repairs we will only cut a small patch in order to repair the connection & not your whole line

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Water Tap

Water Tap Repairs

Similar to Sewer Line Taps There are Cases where the Water Line Tap is the one that fails. These are much more noticeable as you will begin to see wet spots & Possibly erosion due to the water leakge.

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Interior & In Yard Sewer Line

When A Sewer Line Problem Can Be Resolved In A Minimally Invasive way we will take strides to help you Solve your problem quickly & Affordably

Basement Sewer Line

Basement Under Slab Sewer Line Repair

A Basement Sewer Line Problem always Causes our Customers the most issues. A Noticeable Smell is one of the first signs, the good news is this type of repair is minimally invasive & Is usually done very quickly. With Proper Procedures Being Followed A Under Slab Leak Can BE Quickly & Affordably fixed


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Sewer Line Replacement

Sectional Repair With Clean Outs

When A Issue IS found in the Yard Portion Of A Sewer Line With No other Significant issues We can Replace A Section & Install Cleanouts for future monitoring. Many Time A Sectional Repair is a Long term solution to a small problem.

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Grease Trap

Grease Trap Installation

Go Direct Also Installs Grease traps , for all industrial Cooking Customers whether a small restaurant or a large one we are here to help. We will Coordinate with all local municipalities In Order to  give you a great experience

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Water Line Repair & Replacement

Go Direct Doesn't Solley Focus On Sewer Lines We Also Repair & Replace Water Lines. We Have been doing Water Line Repairs & Replacements for over 25 years . Many of Our Customers assume they can simply dig a trench themselves & patch a leak , this couldn't be farther from the truth as Only A Licensed Contractor Can Repair & Replace Water lines.

Water Line Repair

Water Line Repair

There Are Situations where A Small Portion of Your Water Line Needs To be Replaced not the full line, we will Recommend Only Repairing this portion in order to make our Service the Most Cost Effective For You. We Will not Upsell You We Believe In Fixing A Problem The Simple Way.


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Main Water Line

Water Line Replacement  

If We Find Your Water Line Will Not Hold the Adequate Amount of Pressure safely before making a repair we will recommend a replacement. Water Pressure in a water line is as important as blood pressure is to humans.

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Water Line Instal

Water Line Installation 

Perhaps You Are Building a Property From the Ground up, We have Installed Water lines for over 25 years for developers & General Contractors. Our Goal is to get in and out while following your projects schedule

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Service Work

Go Direct Plumbing Sewer And Water Services Also Has a service Department , We Specialize in Solving Sewer Line Issues at affordable costs

Sewer inspection

Sewer Line Inspection

We Have Specialized Technicians That are able to thoroughly inspect your Sewer Line To Diagnose any issues you may be having. We Strive to find the best course of action that will help you void future problems


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Drain Clean

Drain Clean

We Have A Specialized Drain Cleaning  machine that uses Special Blades that do not damage any plastic.  More Often than Not A Tree Root has clawed its way into your drain, no problem we will take care of you

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Sewer Jetting

Hydro Jetter

Using High Water Pressure We Will Get rid of any Debris that are impeding the flow of your Line. We Are Using Water to fix a Water Problem. Many Customers Prefer this  but each houses Underground plumbing Is Unique to its situation.

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Sewer Line Repair Denver

Go Direct Fixes Sewer Line Problems

At Go Direct Our Mission Is simple we Strive To Bring you the most Value When Repairing your Sewer Line. We Cut out the middleman & save you both time & Headaches. Quality Control is all done in house to ensure happy customers. After all no one calls A Service Company For More problems .

One of the telltale signs of a broken sewer line is foul odor.

Abnormally slow draining Sinks or toilets. 

Sewage backflows in the toilet or tub, and molds.

You may also notice some musty patches in your lawn, drain blockage, and cracks in walls due to dampness.

If you experience Any of these, get your sewer line inspected

After having Thoroughly Diagnosing Your Main Sewer Line  with A Inspection Camera we will Recommend a cost effective solution. Following your approval we will begin to coordinate with local municipalities to  ensure all repairs fall within City Specs.  Locate Company's will be coordinated with to ensure no damage is done to your Homes Underground Infrastructure. We will the begin trenching the predesignated area Once we have uncovered your Sewer Line We will perform the appropriate repairs and Get the Repair inspected by a city inspector, the trench will then be backfilled  & Patched.


Pipelining can be done to replace any kind of pipe. Before fixing the pipe, the plumber inspects the existing sewer with a camera to know the damage. Any blockage is cleared away, and pipes are measured. The plumber uses a replacement tube, fills it with epoxy, and inverts it to attach the walls of existing pipes. It creates a new seal, that is cured with steam or LED blue light to fix any damage. As the moisture dries out from the resin-infused tube, the pipe is restored. This is also called slip lining or Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP). There is a variety of material that can be used for the replacement tube as PVC liner, or fiberglass liner, etc.

Pipe Bursting

Hydraulic power generators and expander heads are the key equipment for pipe bursting. It involves the bursting of an older pipeline with a new one in the tow. It is another method of trenchless sewer replacement. The expander head breaks the existing pipe. The pulling rods attached to it, pull the new pipe behind it, replacing the sewer line. The size of the expander head


I was referred to this company by my real estate agent and overall had a good experience. They were able to schedule an entire sewer replacement for a house I purchased before I moved in and on a short schedule. The crew showed up on time and completed the work within a week for a fair price. The workers were all really nice and easy to work with, and they had all the right equipment to get the job done, even when we hit a few snags. 

Tristan Hudson

Local Guide

135 feet of 40+ year old sewer line was replaced with new continuous feed pipe using the "blast" method. Worked like a charm. Water turned off around 9 am and back on before 3 pm. Our yard was left in better shape than when the crew started. Overall, a good experience and we can go forward not worrying about a backed-up sewer.


Tom Triplett

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