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Most metro Denver houses have a water supply line that runs underground from the street to your home through a crawlspace, basement wall, or concrete slab. If you notice high water bills or low water pressure, contact Go Direct Services for immediate water line repair or replacement.

Don’t let an underground water leak go unnoticed. Act now and get your water line fixed by the experts at Go Direct Services.

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At Go Direct Services, our experienced technicians are equipped to swiftly replace or repair your water line. Our priority is to minimize any disruption to your yard during the installation process. After assessing your specific needs, we will recommend either traditional or trenchless water line repair or replacement options.

We understand that unexpected expenses can arise, which is why we offer financing to make the process more manageable for you. Trust Go Direct Services for professional solutions that prioritize your convenience and satisfaction.


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“I was so impressed with this company.

My water line busted and Erick provided me a quick and accurate quote.

He also provided me with the things that could go wrong up from and the cost adder if they would have to dig instead of pull.

I knew exactly what to expect. They arrived on time and finished the job in 3.5 hours (they were able to pull a new line). Great experience working with them!”

Shelley R.

– Customer

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Imagine your life without running water – you can’t use your tap, flush a toilet, or take a shower? When your water line bursts, you want the problem fixed right away.

Go Direct has representatives available to take your call at (303) 288-0039.


Repair or Replace?

The age and material of your water line play a crucial role in determining the most suitable course of action, whether it be repair or replacement.

At Go Direct Services, we take into account the repair history, if any, when making this decision. If your water line has previously undergone repairs, it is highly advisable to opt for a replacement in order to minimize the need for future repairs.


Lead Water Pipes

If you live in an older metro Denver home, your water lines could be made of lead or galvanized steel pipe. With galvanized steel pipes, holes and cracks can appear and result in leaks or ruptures. Decaying lead pipes can be dangerous to your family’s health, as lead particles seep into your water supply.

A water line replacement would be a better option than a main water line repair in these instances.

Direct Tip: To see if there is lead in your home’s plumbing or water lines,
Denver water customers can request a water quality test for free.


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With over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, our trained technicians will give you Peace of Mind by knowing your project will be completed by skilled full-time employees, not day workers. 

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You and your organization are protected. 

Competence. Our team is trained on the latest safety, compliance and best-practices procedures in the industry. You are assured that work will be done in compliance with all regulations.

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Throughout your entire project, our qualified technicians and office staff will keep you informed. 

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Each job solution is tailored to meet your unique circumstances. We will recommend the best course of action to meet your specific needs. 

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Our experienced crews use modern and well-maintained equipment to complete the job quickly and within budget. While other companies outsource, you deal directly with us and “Avoid the Middleman” markup. 

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We understand that when you need to call us, you need help immediately.

We are here to take your call at 303.288.0039 day and night.

Additional Services

Our sister company, Stone & Concrete, enables Go Direct to efficiently and cost-effectively make repairs or replace any concrete or asphalt work damaged during excavation. No need to work with another service provider. We know your job and can finish it beautifully with our highly skilled concrete craftsmen.

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