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Hydro Jetting

Sewer jetting helps clean out your pipes to remove debris and buildup in sewer lines and tanks. Contact Go Direct Plumbing and Water to learn more.

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning and Sewer Scope For Only $79. Our drain cleaning specialists are able to diagnose your problem and get you out of any clogged situation.

Full Sewer Line

$500 Off On Full Sewer Line Service. We’re experts in finding the problem and either repairing or replacing your sewer line issues, from traditional to trenchless methods.

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“I needed a drain cleared. Called the plumbers I used before and I was going to be days before they could come. Saw Go Directs ad and they got me in the same day. Communication of when they would be there was given. Plumber came and was quick and friendly. Got the job done. Thanks Go Direct!”

Isaac Dunnick

– Customer

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"GoDirect fixed my sewer line in a very professional and efficient manner, at a lower cost than found elsewhere. The crew was knowledgeable, worked hard and cleaned up afterwards. I would recommend them for sewer line repairs or replacement."

Phil Bryant

"Luis is an excellent worker and has great communication. skills. He was very prompt, very professional, and an excellent worker. He went above and beyond for me. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a plumber. Thank you so much for sending him out to me."

Mary DeBolt

"Go Direct had repaired my sewer a few years back, I had an issue where the line needed to be fixed, they scoped it and fixed it in reasonable time, I would highly recommend them, in fact 3 of my neighbors have used them to fix their sewers."

Andrew Sauder

"They were prompt, professional and knowledgeable about the process we needed. They were polite and cleaned up everything they they touched. The descaling job went perfectly smooth and the end results were impressive.

Suzanne at the office stayed in touch and made sure we were taken care of and helped us make decisions when needed. We are happy with Go Direct and would use them again."

Patty Mckendry

"Recently contracted Go Direct to replace my clay sewer pipe and they did a great job. I sent the estimate with an explanation of repairs and a video of the sewer scope to my insurance company and approved the claim right away."

Nick Wilson

“ I would highly recommend them to anyone! In fact I know which plumbers you should NOT use and these guys are the ones you SHOULD use! Call them today if you want the job done correctly and safely. This Mama can sleep at night because of them!"

Jill VanderMeer

"We had a our sewer line replaced from the inside of the house out to the main line in the street. Go Direct Sewer Line Repair did a GREAT job! They arrived on time with a large crew, were able to get the job done in one day, and respected our home. Great quality work for a reasonable price."

Kim Ryburn

"Go Direct has provided quick on time servicing for a number of my clients. I continue to use them as my go sewer line company and recommend them to anyone looking for reasonable rates for sewer line repair in the Denver area."

Tyler Mann

"Go Direct was great from the start. It was just a random interned find for me, but I do my research and they made it to my 3 estimates list. Luis was super nice, professional, on time and just a nice guy. A real straight up no nonsense, but personale guy. He came out. sent the camera down the pipe, let me watch and pretty much gave me a number right away. It turned out that the estimate came in under the other 2 estimate I received and I just felt good about their company. Go Direct does their own work while the others did not and so they take a good clip of the top. One estimate was even about 80% higher."

Rick Boykin

Sewer Scope

Once our sewer camera has viewed your sewer lines at Go Direct Services, we can accurately identify the cause of your sewer backup.

Whether it’s tree roots, clogs, scale, cracks, debris, slope issues, bellies, sewer channels, or misaligned, broken, punctured, off-grade, or corroded pipes, our experts can pinpoint the problem. If a clog is detected, our sewer camera can push through the obstruction and investigate the main sewer line for additional problem areas.

Using our sewer snake, we can effectively grab and remove the clogs. In cases of buildup and debris, our drain cleaning Denver experts may recommend sewer jetting.

If significant damage is found, our technicians will use the sewer camera’s transmitter to prepare for excavation. By stopping the camera at the damaged area and using a locating device outside, our team can easily detect the transmitter’s signal.

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What Happens If?

Discovering sewer line issues in your new home can be a costly headache. Before purchasing, consider a sewer camera inspection in addition to a routine home inspection.

A broken sewer line can have several consequences. It compromises the ground’s structure, releases foul odors inside and outside your home, and causes a strip of grass to flourish due to sewage’s fertilizing properties. Slow drains, moldy walls, and an increased presence of insects like cockroaches and flies are also signs that your sewer line needs attention.

Don’t let these issues infiltrate your home. Choose Go Direct Services for reliable solutions.

Items That Clog Drains

Soap Scum: Soap will build up in your pipes over time. While soap itself isn’t hugely detrimental to your pipes, daily showers and baths lead to soap scum accumulation over the years.

Cotton Swabs: These small Q-tips may seem harmless, but they will not flush down the drain easily. The cotton will absorb water and become a nuisance to remove.

Hair: Whether you are male or female, your hair will clog your drains. As the hair travels down your drain, it will wrap around all of the other gunk inside the pipe.

Grease: Grease can be catastrophic to the health of your drain. Although grease is a liquid, when you pour it into your pipes, it will harden and stick to the walls of your drain. Never pour grease down your pipes, instead, throw it into the garbage to save yourself time and trouble.

Coffee Grounds: As you’re hurrying out the door, you may just want to throw the coffee grounds down your drain and get started with your day. Coffee grounds can clog your drain faster than most of the items on this list. Don’t make the mistake that thousands of Americans make – throw your coffee grounds into the trash instead!

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