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Giving Back to our Community


Go Direct is proud to give back to the community and the people we serve by making donations and charitable works part of our company mission.
Helping people in need:
Our owner is very passionate about helping people in all areas of need. We have contributed to many organizations who help children and have provided food for the hungry.  We support the military and the local law enforcement.

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iSalud! Sponsor
Escuela de Guadalupe invites you to come celebrate at ¡Salud! 2019 – a fundraiser to make quality, Catholic dual-language education financially accessible to deserving families in the metro area!
You can purchase tickets before the event or donate at .

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Denver Film Society Sponsor: 
Go Direct was a Contributing Sponsor for the 40th Denver Film Festival – November 1-12th. The Denver Film Festival is the largest premier film celebration in the Rocky Mountain Region. Go Direct Plumbing Sewer & Water partnered for the 2nd year with the Denver Film Society as a Contributing Sponsor for the 40th Denver Film Festival. We sponsored the volunteer t-shirts for over 400 volunteers and were a Contributing Sponsor for the festival. The Denver Film Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to bringing communities together through film.


Other organizations we support:
Littleton Firefighters Association –
Denver Police Brotherhood –
Children’s Miracle Network –
If you have a cause in need and would like to share your need with us, please send an email to: and we will get back in touch with you.


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