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Clogged drains are not only a pain but can be unsanitary in your home. Whether you are facing a clogged kitchen sink or bathtub we have you covered. Our specialist will answer the phone 24 hours a day to help you diagnose your problem and get you out of emergency situations. We serve Denver and the entire metro area from Longmont to Castle Rock.

There are 2 types of drain cleaning methods that we provide, drain snakes and hydro jetting. After reviewing your clogged drains we will recommend the best solution for drain cleaning.

Clogged Drains

Grease, hair, food waste, paper products, and any mix of materials may cause a clogged drain. You may have tried a plunger, toxic drain cleaners, or a drain snake to clear the clog. Even if they worked, the solution may only be temporary. If your drains are clogging on a regular basis, there could be a more serious problem with your pipes.

Clogs occur when something is blocking the inside of a pipe, and materials collect around the blockage. It could be buildup on the sides of pipe walls or tree roots breaking into the pipe in search of water and nutrients, The clogs could also develop because of misaligned, deteriorating or broken pipes allowing materials to collect and block the flow of sewage away from your home. If you have a sewer cleanout near the clog, you may be able to get a closer look yourself.

Until the underlying problem is solved, frequent clogs can continue to occur. Go Direct uses a sewer camera to examine the clogged drain in your metro Denver home. Because the sewer camera is pushed through your sewer pipes on a sewer snake, we can locate problems all the way out to your main sewer line.

We will recommend the best way to fix the clogged drain based on the underlying cause of the clog. For clogs, including those caused by tree roots, we can use a sewer snake to solve the problem. If we find narrowing of your pipes because of scale or grease buildup, we may recommend sewer jetting to remove buildup and clogs.


Hydrojetting, is a method of drain cleaning your pipes using high pressure streams of water to remove buildup and debris in tanks and sewer lines. This process is best described as a powerful form of power washing with extreme pressure up to 3,000 PSI. The technician will select the hydro jetting head and pressure that is best for your situation. On some homes with older pipes we do not recommend this method. Your plumber will provide guidance for the best drain cleaning solution.

Sewer Scope

Once we view your sewer lines with the sewer camera, we can pinpoint whether the sewer backup is being caused by:

If the sewer camera finds a clog and can push through the obstruction, it will continue out to the main sewer line to see if there are additional problem areas. The sewer snake can then grab the clogs and pull them out. If the sewer camera finds buildup and debris, sewer jetting will be recommended.

If significant damage is found in the sewer line, technicians can use the transmitter on the sewer camera to prepare for excavation. Our technician stops the camera at the damaged area, then goes outside and waves a locating device until it picks up the transmitter’s signal.

What Happens if My Sewer Line Has Breaks or There is Major Damage in the Pipes?

Before you purchase a new home, consider doing a sewer camera inspection in addition to a routine home inspection to avoid problems and expensive repairs after you move in.

Items That Clog Drains

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