The average Denver homeowner is unfortunately very unfamiliar with a major and vital component of their property’s plumbing system; The sewer line. Oftentimes, they don’t realize why it’s important, and for sure, they don’t know how to diagnose an issue related to it and make repairs when needed. If you’ve ever had to deal with an overflowing toilet, clogged drain, foul odors, or a sewer backup you know how awful it can be. But did you know that most often these issues are not solely the responsibility of faulty pipes in and around your home? The truth is that most of these problems stem from something much more serious. More than likely, these are all signs of a hidden sewer problem in your home.

When homeowners experience slow or backed up drains, unpleasant smells or clogs, they often try to fix things on their own. The first step is a plunger, drain cleaners, or if they are handy, a drain snake that one can acquire at the local hardware store. These are all an attempt to simply clear blockages without knowing the root cause of the problem. Although these methods can provide a short term fix, more than likely the problem will keep persisting. Without the benefit of an accurate way to diagnose the issue, nothing is truly being fixed, and additional damage to the sewer line may result and incur more cost to repair.

When you have a plumbing issue that won’t resolve itself with traditional methods, you indeed have a sewer line problem, and an inspection via a sewer line scope is a sure-fire way to solve it. Diagnosing sewer line backups with a sewer line scope can save you thousands of dollars. This is a service that’s been around for decades, and is used to help diagnose problems related to the entire plumbing system. It’s an inexpensive way to determine what exactly is happening throughout your home’s pipes given an alternative and much more costly sewer line repair or even replacement.

When a sewer line inspection professional arrives at your home for a Denver sewer scope, the first step in the diagnostic process involves a plumbing camera inspection of your sewer lines. This detailed and accurate video inspection is performed with a sewer scope camera pushed through your pipes on a sewer snake. Simply put, a sewer line scope is a waterproof electronic camera on a flexible rod that lets a trained technician visually inspect your sewer lines and any other underground pipes that may be part of your home’s foundation. There are two ways the sewer camera can be run. One, the inspection can head down branch lines from sinks, showers, or bathtubs to get an accurate picture of what’s happening in those areas. Alternatively if there is no flow coming out onto the property, then technicians can go further downstream where all of the branch lines eventually connect with a municipal line.

Once the sewer line scope is performed, an expert can make an accurate diagnosis and determine whether the sewer backup is caused by tree roots, clogs, scale, cracks, debris, slope issues, bellies, sewer channels, or other issues related to the sewer line. If clog or other obstruction is located, and can be remedied with just the sewer camera, it can push through it and clear it. Larger clogs can be grabbed onto and pulled out. If there is a significant buildup of debris that cannot be remedied with the sewer camera and sewer snake, the sewer jetting using high pressure water will be recommended.

Some of the benefits that make a sewer line scope accurate, cost-effective and worthwhile include:

Diagnosing causes for repeated drain clogs, backups, or slow drainage.

Lost jewelry or other issues can also be addressed with a sewer scope.

A sewer scope inspection and video record is also a smart idea when you’re thinking of purchasing one of our many older homes to make sure that expensive repairs don’t come up after closing.

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