Pipes play a critical yet often overlooked role within our properties. We typically don’t pay any consideration to sewer pipes until there is a problem. Given the nature of pipes, a lot can go wrong and repairs or replacements can be tricky.

In recent years, the plumbing industry has seen several technological advancements that have simplified and improved the process of maintaining pipes. Chief among these is sewer camera inspection, which will be the focus of this article from the expert team at Go Direct.

If you are considering getting a sewer inspection for your property’s sewer pipes, keep reading to learn about the many benefits of this excellent sewer inspection service.

Get Accurate Diagnosis

With a sewer camera inspection, homeowners are able to get an accurate diagnosis. This could be a blockage, a break along the line, or any number of other issues. Compared to a traditional inspection, using a sewer camera is a quick, easy, and accurate method of determining the issue affecting your property’s pipes.

At-home attempts by homeowners to fix a pipe issue are unlikely to be successful without actually knowing what the exact diagnosis is.

Understand the Cause of the Issue

Getting an accurate diagnosis of the issue will help to simplify and speed up the repair process. On top of this, a sewer camera inspection will give homeowners vital information on what actually caused the issue.

For example, in the case of a blockage, there are many potential causes, from a buildup of hair to tree roots. In the case of tree roots, the best approach would be to remove the affected pipe and replace it, rather than snaking it.

Find Lost Valuables

Accidentally dropping a valuable item down a drain can happen very easily. An earring or necklace, for example, can slip down the drain and cause a great deal of panic and worry.

With a sewer camera inspection, it’s possible to locate exactly where the valuable item has ended up, so that a strategy to retrieve it can be put in place.

Track the Health of Your Pipes

A sewer camera inspection is a wonderful way to get a measure of the overall quality of your pipes. This can help to ward off any potentially costly issues that may occur down the line.

Over the years, sewer pipes accumulate a great deal of grime, including decaying food particles, soap scum, congealed cooking grease, trash, and much more. A video inspection allows homeowners to keep a close eye on the overall health of their pipes.

Detect Root Intrusions

As noted, tree roots can cause issues for a property’s sewer pipes. Shrubs and trees in a property’s garden can end up finding their way around and into a sewer line, resulting in blockages and even severe leaks.

With a sewer camera inspection, it will be possible to detect root intrusions and their specific location within the pipes. This can help to avoid unnecessary work that can increase costs and protect lawns and yards in the process.

Protect Your Property and Lawn

Speaking of protecting lawns and yards, a sewer camera inspection is a non-invasive means of examining a sewer pipe. Traditionally, digging trenches would have been required to inspect a pipe, which would have greatly disrupted landscaping and increased workload.

Rather than that labor-intensive and time-consuming process, we are able to inspect a sewer pipe with the absolute minimum of fuss. That means homeowners can save time and money.

Appraise a Property

A plumbing inspection isn’t a requirement for property appraisals or inspection, but it can help prospective homeowners to get a better idea of the property’s overall value and condition.

It is expected that plumbing fixtures are in good working order when a property is put on the market. Whether you are interested in selling or buying a property, a sewer camera inspection is well worth it.

Our Sewer Camera Inspections Save You Money
Here at Go Direct, we are the leading plumbing service in the Denver Metro area, covering sewer line repairs, sewer inspections, drain cleaning services, and much more. Our incredible $79 residential sewer line scope and cleanout offer is a great price and is available to all residential customers in the areas we serve.

We will be able to pinpoint the cause of the issue, whether this is as a result of:

Tree roots
Slope issues
Sewer channels
Or, corroded or off-grade pipes

We know from experience that homeowners in the Denver area occasionally experience slow drains, unpleasant smells, backups, and clogs. In many older metro Denver homes, vitreous clay pipes are present, which are prone to issues with offsetting, tree roots, cracking, and shifting.

Many homeowners attempt to fix the issue on their own, using drain cleaners, plungers, and snakes. However, without properly understanding the root cause of the issue, DIY repairs are often futile.

Understanding the Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection
The above information highlights the many benefits of opting for a sewer camera inspection from Go Direct. Given that most sewer line issues are hidden from clear view, it can be very difficult to determine the severity and cause of an issue. Having a clear picture of the overall health of a property’s pipes can also be impossible without a thorough sewer inspection.

Contact our experienced team today and book an appointment for a sewer pipe camera inspection. We look forward to speaking to you.


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